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Reasons for not using ferrite magnets in DC brushless motors

Today I saw an interesting magnet question, that is, a netizen asked why the DC brushless motor basically do not use ferrite material magnets? The following courage permanent magnet manufacturers small Fu to say a few words on this issue.

In a brushless motor, there are no carbon brushes, as opposed to brushed, so the magnet in a brushless motor becomes the rotor.

Brushless motors, especially brushless motors in the modeling world, are almost 100% made with strong neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets, mainly because NdFeB magnets are strong and small in size. The power of the motor is closely related to the performance of the magnet, the volume and grade of the neodymium magnet determines the maximum power of the motor.

We all know that the performance of ferrite is low, low performance leads to low motor power, so use very little very little, this is also many friends ask brushless motor without ferrite material magnet reason.

High strength curved Ndfeb magnets

High strength curved Ndfeb magnets

Brushless motors usually use sintered NdFeB (arc shape) material, bonded NdFeB (ring) material, brushless motors with tiles as the stator, generally more than 6 poles, but tiles as the rotor of the brushless motor, there can be more than 4, 6 poles.

The magnet ring of brushless motor is generally larger than 20mm in diameter, the number of magnetizing poles is between 4-12 poles, and its wall thickness is mostly between 1.5-5.0mm.

Above is about the DC brushless motor does not use ferrite material reasons, brushless motors mostly use high-performance rare earth magnets to meet its small size, high speed and high efficiency technology needs.

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