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Magnets For Sale

Magnets For Sale

Dear buyer hello;

Welcome to the website of China courage magnet manufacturer, we are a source magnet manufacturer, you need a variety of materials, shapes, uses of magnets we can customize for you, in order to develop the market, the price we can give relatively low.

Super strong pull neodymium magnet series;

Common coatings for neodymium magnets

Neodymium Round & disk magnets

Ndfeb block & bar magnets

Rare earth neodymium ring magnets

Neodymium spherical magnets

Neodymium special-shaped powerful magnets

Neodymium arc segment motor magnets

Neodymium Countersunk magnets (1 hole & 2 hole)

Multipole neodymium magnets

Cylindrical neodymium magnet

High temperature resistant/rust free ceramic ferrite series;

Ferrite round/cylindrical magnets of various shapes

Ferrite disc & disk magnets

Ferrite bar & block magnets

Ferrite ring magnets

Ferrite segment type motor magnets

Ferrite cylinder magnets

Multipole ferrite magnetic ring

Rare earth magnets that are more resistant to high temperatures than ceramic ferrite;

SmCo Arc Magnets

SmCo Disc Magnets

SmCo Ring Magnets

SmCo Rectangle Block Magnets

Custom magnet You need to know;

Material performance: Please carefully confirm what magnet material, what performance grade.

Dimensional tolerances: Please confirm accurate dimensions and tolerances.

Magnetization: Which way does the product magnetize (axial, radial, multipole magnetization) or does not require us to magnetize.

High temperature: Confirm the minimum and maximum temperature of the magnet operating environment

Quantity: Confirm the quantity ordered

Coating: What material is plated on the surface of the product (nickel plating, zinc plating, plating gold, black epoxy, chrome plating, etc.), ferrite magnet can also be electroplated, spray paint paint and other processing.

Packing: Requirements for packing.

Other: If you have any other special requirements for the product, please contact customer service.

We will be dedicated to domestic and foreign users service, welcome the need to use our company's products manufacturers or individuals, at any time to contact my company and negotiate business!

New magnet topic;

Magnet with Hole in Center

Thin Neodymium Magnets

Diametrically Magnetized Magnets

Dc Motor Permanent Magnets

Large Neodymium Magnets