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Magnetization Direction

Magnetization Direction

Magnetization direction of the magnet, that is, the direction of the magnetic field, which determines the location of the magnet's N-pole and S-pole, the following is about the direction of the magnetization of the knowledge of the popular science as well as the various shapes of permanent magnets magnetization direction of the schematic demonstration.

Effect of magnetizing direction on magnets

Magnetizing direction determines the north and south pole position of the magnet and the distribution pattern of the magnetic field. Before purchasing the magnet, the magnet manufacturer will surely confirm this point with you, which has a direct impact on the use of magnets, for example, in motors, generators and other equipment, the magnetizing direction needs to be accurately controlled in order to ensure that the equipment operates normally.

For anisotropic magnetic materials, such as NdFeB magnets, the direction of its magnetization is critical to its final magnetic properties. Maximum remanent magnetization, coercivity and maximum magnetic energy product can only be achieved if the magnetization direction is consistent with the internal microstructure (magnetic domain arrangement) of the material.

The following pictures show the direction of magnetization of common round, square, rectangular, spherical, countersunk hole shaped and curved magnets, as well as a diagram of multi-pole magnetization.

Schematic diagram of magnetization of various shapes of permanent magnets

Multi-pole magnetization also includes axial or radial multi-pole magnetization, inclined angle multi-pole magnetization, the number of poles depends on the customer's requirements and magnet size.

The picture below shows the pole distribution of a multi-pole ring magnet, and the number of poles can be viewed on a magnetic pole display card.

Magnetic pole distribution of multipole ring magnets

How do you magnetize a magnet?

1. Constant current magnetization: This method is suitable for low coercivity magnets such as ferrite magnets. It is realized by discharging through low voltage large capacity capacitor. 2.

2. Pulse magnetization: This method is suitable for high coercivity magnets, such as rare earth NdFeB magnets. It is realized by discharging the coil with high voltage and small capacity capacitor to produce a short-lived super strong magnetic field.

Magnetizers such as those used by magnet manufacturers belong to the pulse magnetization method, which works by passing an instantaneous pulsed high current through a coil to produce a short-lived super-strong magnetic field, thus magnetizing the magnet in the coil of that magnetic field. The multifunctional magnetizers used by our company are characterized by high efficiency and reliability, and are suitable for magnetizing various permanent magnetic materials, such as Alnico series, Ferrite series, rare earth permanent magnet series, etc.

How to choose the magnetization direction of the magnets;

The magnetizing method depends on the geometry and intended use of the magnet, if a large magnetic suction force is required, axial magnetization or thickness magnetization (larger use surface) should be selected, if a uniform magnetic field distribution is required, radial magnetization should be selected, e.g., for electric motors.

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