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Can a magnet 15x5mm surface magnetic do 5000 gauss?

Concerned about the magnet gauss so many people, this is not today and a netizen asked to Xiaofu, magnet 15 * 5mm surface magnetic strength can not do 5000 gauss, here is my answer.

The size of the magnet's magnetic force is usually measured in gauss (GS), and the size and shape of the magnet can affect the strength of the magnetic field it produces, for a diameter of 15mm, thickness of 5mm round neodymium-iron-boron magnets, to achieve 5000 gauss is unlikely, not to mention other materials.

The following picture shows a 15mmx5mm neodymium round magnet.


How many gauss can 15*5mm neodymium iron boron that do?

To the ordinary performance N35 grade, thickness magnetization, for example, the surface magnetic size of about 3010 gauss, so even if the N52 performance, estimate is 3800 gauss.

Diameter 15mm NdFeB magnets such as the need to achieve 5000 gauss requires a higher thickness size, such as 15*10mm (10mm thickness), 15x15mm, etc..

The above is about the magnet 15*5mm can do 5000GS introduction, if you need a quote, customized neodymium iron boron powerful magnets, may wish to communicate with our online customer service to get help.

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