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How strong is the 5000 Gauss magnet attraction?

How strong is a 5000 Gauss magnet? How strong is the pull? There are many similar magnet Gauss and suction problems, our customer service often receive this kind of information from customers, the following is to give you science.

It is very unprofessional to ask how many gauss and how much suction the magnet has. Why?

Because the magnet gauss and can absorb multiple products, how far can be absorbed is not computable, not the larger the magnet Gauss, its suction is also larger, the magnet can absorb multiple with the magnet specifications, shape, and magnetization method and how to suction method (horizontal suction? Inhale vertically?) 

Some friends may not understand, the following example: For example, a small size of the small magnet 5000GS, can pull 0.8KG. Large magnet 1000GS, but can pull 30 or 50KG, so it is also related to its volume (contact surface).

For a particular attraction calculation, it is necessary to know the properties and distance of the object being attracted. In general, the attraction of a magnet decreases with distance.

The following figure shows a variety of neodymium material ring magnets, hollow cylindrical magnets, and small round magnets.


What size magnet can reach 5000 Gauss?

Firstly, it needs to be made of neodymium material, with no restrictions on specifications and shapes. The magnetic performance level and magnetization direction are also crucial. For example, the neodymium cylindrical magnet with a diameter of 10mm and a thickness of 10mm in the N52 grade can achieve an axial magnetization meter magnetic strength of 5600 Gauss and a vertical tensile force of 5kg.

To accurately calculate the magnetic attraction (pulling force), it is usually necessary to know the following information:

1. The shape and size of a magnet, especially its magnetic field distribution range.

2. Is the property of the object being attracted ferromagnetic.

3. The distance between the magnet and the object being attracted.


Knowing the Gauss of a magnet does not tell you what its pull value is; Gauss energy is a measure used to describe the strength of a magnetic field and is used to calculate the energy density of a magnetic field. The pull usually refers to the pull or tension on the object, which is usually not directly related to the magnetic field.

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