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How to reduce the purchasing cost of NdFeB strong magnets?

How to keep the purchase cost of NdFeb strong magnet low? This is a problem that many buyers will consider, although ferrite is cheap, the magnetic force is small and the appearance is not as diverse as NdFeb. So today daisy will answer this question from the perspective of the manufacturer.

1. In the process of product design, try to make the magnet small and simple.

Neodymium magnets are fragile and difficult to process. The simpler the shape, the easier the magnet is to process, and the scrap rate is low and the processing cost sheet is low. The size of the magnet can meet the needs of the product, the smaller the size of the magnet, the price is relatively cheap.

2. To select the right performance.

Neodymium magnets have many performance grades depending on their magnetic properties and operating temperature. The choice of magnets is not simply to choose the stronger the magnetic force, the higher the performance grade. Excess magnetism leads to waste and cost increases of rare earths. For example, you are using N52 performance magnets, but you may actually only need to use N35 performance magnets to meet the functional requirements of the product. At this time, we need to study a variety of neodymium magnets of different sizes and properties to find a balance point between them. Commonly used generally required performance N35 performance, if the magnetic requirements are high, the cost budget is insufficient in the case of N42 performance can be used. If you want the strongest magnetism, you can choose N52 performance. For higher temperatures N50M, N48H and N42SH are popular in industrial applications.

We can process all kinds of shapes of neodymium magnets, especially high gauss magnets, small thin magnets, large size magnets.

All kinds of shapes of neodymium magnets

3. Choose other inexpensive magnet materials.

If you need magnets for low-value products, there is no limit to the size of the product, and the magnetic force of the magnet is not high, you can consider using cheaper materials instead of iron boron, such as ferrite magnets.

4. Find a suitable magnet production factory.

When choosing a magnet manufacturer, please remember to choose the source of an experienced magnet supplier not only to provide support in the magnet price, but also in the magnet selection, proofing, transportation, after-sales service and other aspects to provide a full set of support, improve communication efficiency, save customer time. As the saying goes, time is money.

In summary, with the rapid rise in rare earth raw material prices in recent years, many factories that previously used strong magnets are looking for ways to reduce costs, I hope this article can help you. We are Dongguan magnet manufacturers, can carry out magnet customization and mass sale. If you need a magnet, you can contact us. We can control the magnets within precise tolerances, with excellent quality.

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