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How much do neodymium magnets cost?

Neodymium magnet is the most common permanent magnet material, the scientific name of neodymium iron boron magnets, is currently the strongest magnet for commercial use, the field of application involves all walks of life, today and you to talk about neodymium magnet cost is how much.

Neodymium magnets are sold at prices ranging from a few cents to thousands of dollars, and its cost is related to raw materials, magnet specifications, performance levels, tolerances, plating, processing difficulty, etc. Any of these factors will affect its cost.

The matching picture is a square neodymium magnet with a round hole (straight hole) in the center.

square neodymium magnet with a round hole (straight hole) in the center

1, Neodymium magnet raw material costs

NdFeB is the main material for manufacturing permanent magnets, including neodymium metal, iron, boron and other raw materials. Neodymium metal is extracted from rare earth ore, and its price fluctuates with the change of market supply and demand.

2, Neodymium magnet size

This is well understood, large size neodymium magnets need to consume more material.

3, Magnetic performance grade

NdFeB magnets have dozens of performance grade levels, the higher the performance (magnetic performance or temperature resistance), the higher the cost.

4, Precision of tolerances

Tighter tolerances mean that machining processes require higher precision and more complex processes. This can involve the use of more sophisticated machining equipment, more complex fixtures, and increased inspection frequency, all of which can lead to higher machining costs.

5, Surface plating

The cost of different plating materials varies considerably. For example, common zinc, nickel and copper-nickel plating is relatively economical, while the cost of plating precious metals such as gold and silver is much higher.

6, Processing difficulty

The shape of neodymium magnet can be divided into ordinary and special shaped, shaped magnet processing requires more processes, time, and more waste of materials, so special shaped neodymium magnet cost will be higher.

7, Number of orders

Large magnet orders can reduce the cost of individual products by fully utilizing the capacity of the production equipment and spreading fixed costs (such as equipment depreciation, rent, electricity, maintenance costs, etc.) over more products. As a result, the larger the order quantity, the lower the average cost usually is.

The above is about the cost of neodymium magnets related to the introduction, in short, the order quantity, small size, low performance, tolerance is not strict cost low, the order quantity is small, large specifications, high precision, plating is not conventional cost to be high.

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