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Gauss Calculator

Gauss Calculator

Gauss Calculator

If you have known the size and grade of the neodymium strong magnets, hope that through a formula to calculate the gaussian intensity of the magnet, can try provided by China's courage magnet manufacturer of neodymium magnets N33/N35/N38/N40/N42/N45/N50/N52 grade surface gauss value  online calculation tools.

Use neodymium magnet surface gauss strength calculator notice; 

1. The calculation results are for reference only: for M, H, SH, UH, EH, AH grade materials, the surface magnetism is the same as thecorresponding n grade.

2. The magnetization direction is the thickness direction. 

3. The results are for reference only and subject to actual conditions.

N33-N52 Neodymium Block Magnet Gauss Calculation

Magnet Grades
Remanence (Br) Gauss
Length (L) mm
Width (W) mm
Thickness (T) mm
strength Gauss

Neodymium Round & Disc Magnet Gauss Calculator

Magnet Grades
Remanence (Br) Gauss
Diameter (D) mm
Thickness (H) mm
Strength Gauss