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What performance of motor can be improved with good segmented magnets?

Arc magnet, that is, we say domestic magnetic tile, also known as segmented magnet, mainly used for DC motor motor, material commonly used is neodymium material and ceramic ferrite material, the selection of specific look at the type of motor and use, today to answer the netizen put forward by the use of a good arc segmented magnets can improve the performance of the motor what.

The use of high-quality (good) arc can improve the performance of the motor in a number of aspects, such as improving efficiency, reduce the size of the motor, more stable performance, longer life, etc., the following is a detailed description.

1. Improve motor efficiency

High quality tiles provide higher flux density and magnetisation characteristics, which can produce a stronger magnetic field in the motor, thus increasing the efficiency of the motor. A stronger magnetic field reduces energy loss and allows the motor to produce greater output power at the same input power.

2. increase motor output torque

A stronger magnetic field increases the output torque of the motor, making the motor more resistant under load. This can make the motor more suitable for applications that need to withstand larger loads.

3. Reduced motor size

The use of high-performance arc curve magnets allows for smaller motor sizes with the same magnetic field requirements. This can provide higher power densities within space constraints, making the motor more compact and more suitable for compact applications.

Illustration shows motor wet press segmented ferrite magnets

Wet press segmented ferrite magnets

4. More stable magnetic properties

High-quality tiles usually have more stable magnetic properties, which can reduce the change of magnetic characteristics of the motor in different temperatures and working conditions, which helps to maintain the stable performance and reliability of the motor.

5. Extended life

The use of high-quality arc magnets can reduce the wear and aging of the magnetic tile, thereby extending the life of the motor.

The above is about the use of good magnetic tiles can bring about improvements in a number of performance aspects of the motor, our company mainly provides motor related arc magnets, multi-pole magnetic rings, such as your samples need motor arc magnets samples or evaluation of prices can contact the website customer service for your service!

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