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Why is the arc segment magnet easy to break?

Arc magnet is also a commonly used magnet shape, mainly used in motor, some netizens asked questions, why is the arc magnet easy to break? What are the reasons? The following permanent magnet supplier Courage magnet to make an introduction.

Why is the arc segment magnet easy to break?

The problem of the fracture of arc magnet products has been plaguing enterprises, companies and individuals who often use permanent magnet motors. What are the reasons that cause the fracture of arc magnet products? This article is specifically for the magnetic tile product fracture analysis.

Below we analyze the reasons for the fracture of the segment magnet from the source of the magnetic tile machine throughout the production process.

The bottom picture is a neodymium arc segment magnets


First, the raw materials of segment magnet

The quality of the raw material will directly affect the quality of the magnetic tile. If there has been no fracture before, it is necessary to understand whether the magnet manufacturer has a problem (such as personnel technology or equipment). For example, it is still the original raw material, but there are changes in the process of processing, or there are no problems with the processing time and the grinding state, which are the reasons for the fracture of the segment magnet.

Second, the forming process of arc magnet

In the case that there are no problems with raw materials and raw material treatment processes, and they remain normal, the possibility of fracture caused by magnetic circuit can be ruled out. At this time, it is necessary to check the molding treatment of the magnet manufacturer to see whether the newly formed green has soft corners, stratification, and asymmetric texture after breaking off some phenomena that are easy to cause fracture.

Third, the sintering process of segment magnet

The rationality of the sintering process and the control of the temperature curve are the problems that should be paid attention to in the sintering process.If there is a problem at this stage, it will lead to the difference in the quality of the magnetic tile product, resulting in fracture.

Four, arc magnet processing wear

If the workpiece is in the processing state for a long time, wear will occur. Once the loading speed is too fast, the feed amount is too large, the cooling water is insufficient and the tooling does not match, it is easy to break.

Five, Inappropriate use

Arc magnets are commonly used in various applications such as motors, generators, and sensors. If the appropriate load and working environment are not taken into account during design and use, the arc magnet may withstand pressure beyond its capacity, leading to fracture.

Although the segment magnet manufacturer will check the magnet before the product leaves the factory, there may be such problems because of some laxness. Now whether there is a further understanding of the reasons for the fracture of magnetic tile products?

To avoid breaking the arc magnet, the following measures can be taken:

Choose the appropriate material: Select the appropriate magnet material for a specific application to ensure its durability and strength.

Optimization design: Improve the geometric shape and structure of the arc magnet to enhance its load-bearing capacity and fracture resistance.

Proper handling and installation: When handling and installing magnets, be careful to avoid external impact and minimize possible damage.

Reasonable working environment: Ensure the use of magnets in an appropriate working environment to avoid overloading or exposure to harsh conditions.

The above is about the reason why the curved magnet breaks, arranged and shared by Courage magnet manufaturer. If there is a magnetic tile need to quote proofing, welcome to contact us for customization.

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