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Neodymium magnet fragile is not quality?

Before, a customer in Shenzhen found our courage magnet manufacturer and asked whether the magnet made by our home would break? I am curious why I ask this question, the original customer bought the magnet from the previous supplier, and it broke into two pieces after suction, thinking that the supplier had quality problems and needed to find a new one.

In fact, Ndfeb strong magnets are mainly composed of neodymium, iron, boron and other elements are crushed and sintered together to form powder metallurgy, this material itself is brittle and hard, strong magnetic force. In the production process of magnets, the first is powder sintering, due to the long sintering time and lack of elasticity, the physical properties of the magnet itself are very fragile. Second, magnetized magnets generate magnetic force, which makes it easier to break in the event of a collision, and the stronger the magnetic force, the more likely it is to be destroyed.

The following picture is galvanized arc segment neodymium magnets;


If the neodymium magnets you buy are prone to fragmentation, it usually does not mean that they are a poor quality product. Fragility is an inherent property of neodymium magnets and has less to do with the manufacturing process and the limited quality of the material.

Even high-quality neodymium magnet products can still be fragile, because this is due to their material properties. On the contrary, poor quality neodymium magnets may have other problems, such as unstable magnetic properties, uneven magnetic strength, and so on.

When purchasing neodymium magnet products, care should be taken to select reliable manufacturers and suppliers to ensure product quality and consistency. At the same time, the correct use and handling of neodymium magnets is also very important to avoid excessive bending, squeezing or violent impact to extend their service life.

The above is about the rare earth neodymium strong magnet fragile is not the quality of the relevant content introduction, our company can provide a variety of special, high grade, high difficulty, ultra-thin, super big size neodymium magnet products, if you need a quote, please contact us.

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