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What's a pan/pot magnet? [meaning type advantages]

What is a pot magnet?

As we all know, pot magnet is a assembly magnet that inserts a powerful sintered Ndfeb magnet or ceramic ferrite magnets into a durable steel housing or groove.Sometimes referred to as pan, so called "pan" magnets. It is also known as a cup magnet or mounting magnet or fixed magnet. Permanent magnets are very brittle, easy to break, and have limited magnetic force, but powerful pot magnets can be a good solution to these problems. The steel housing provides a safe place for the inlaid powerful circular/rectangular permanent magnets, while the housing or pan provides a magnetic shield that concentrates the magnetic forces on only one face and enhances them. Most pot magnets can be heated to temperatures up to 80°C without losing their magnetization.

Relatively common neodymium pot magnets

Relatively common neodymium pot magnets

What are the types of pot magnets?

Due to its excellent performance, pot magnets have a wide range of applications in industry and our daily life. They may have mounting magnets with countersunk holes, threaded holes, hole hooks, internal threads, threaded studs/rods, or screw sleeves for easy installation.

1. Round countersunk hole pot magnet

2. Round straight hole pan magnet

3. Circular external thread pan magnet

4, circular internal thread pan magnetic

5. Round flat thread pan magnet

6. Square countersunk pan magnet

7. Magnetic hooks

8. Close the hook

9. Rotate the hook

10. Salvage magnets

To view a sample of powerful pot magnets, click neodymium magnetic assemblies

What are the advantages of pot magnet?

Compared with a single neodymium countersunk magnet, the pot magnet has many advantages:

1. Small size and stronger magnetic force: the steel shell concentrates the magnetic force on one side and greatly increases the retention force.

2. Cost saving: Due to the strong magnetic force, the use of rare earth magnets can be reduced and the cost of magnets can be reduced.

3. Durability: The magnet is very brittle, steel or rubber cover can protect them.

4. Installation options: Pot magnets can be applied to many accessories, so they can use different installation options.

What is the application of neodymium pot magnet?

It is a popular magnetic component for both domestic and industrial use and can be used for suspension and wall mount applications.

Neodymium pot magnet partial application demonstration;

Neodymium pot magnet partial application

It is widely used in the home or industry, for example in automation equipment, door closers, tool clamps, jigs, to provide magnetic base mounting for lamps, lamps, clocks, machine mirrors, etc.

The more popular salvage magnet in recent years is actually a circular countersunk pan pot magnet with a hanging ring.

The above is about the introduction of pot magnetic, the use of pot magnetic on the market is also more and more, especially the fishing magnet is widely used. If you have any requirment about pot magnet, please contact us!

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