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What does NdFeB blank N35 mean?

Neodymium blank, usually refers to the initial processing form of NdFeB magnets, today to answer the netizen's question of what does NdFeB blank N35 mean?

"N35" is one of the common ways of marking to indicate the strength of the magnetic energy product of NdFeB magnets. In this type of marking, the first letter "N" stands for "neodymium", and the number "35" that follows it indicates the magnet's magnetic energy product (measured in Mega-Gauss-Galts). The higher this number is, the stronger the magnetic energy of this NdFeB magnet.

Bar block neodymium magnets made from N35 blank material

Bar block neodymium magnets made from N35 blank material

Therefore, "NdFeB blank N35" can be understood as a blank made of neodymium material with a magnetic energy product grade of N35, which represents a NdFeB magnet Br value of 1.35T or 13,500Gs, which is then re-processed according to the customer's required size and shape.

What is the latest price of NdFeB blank N35?

The price of sintered blank NdFeB today (2023.8.29) is in the range of ¥165-175/kg.

Our company is a permanent magnet manufacturer, we can process NdFeB strong magnets with N35-N52 grade performance according to your drawings or samples requirements, you need a quote, ready-made samples can contact the website customer service.

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