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Why is the motor rotor with magnetism?

The magnetism on the rotor of a motor is used to realize the operating principle of a motor, which produces mechanical motion by means of interacting magnetic fields and electric currents, in most cases the magnetic field in a motor is achieved by generating a magnetic flux between the stator (the stationary part) and the rotor (the rotating part).

There are two main types of motors: DC motors and AC motors, and in either type, the magnetism on the rotor plays an important role.

DC motors: In DC motors, a permanent magnet or a coil fed by an electric current is usually used to create a magnetic field. If there is magnetism on the rotor, it can become part of the permanent magnet or enhance the magnetic field. When current is passed through the coil in the stator, a magnetic field is created and this field interacts with the magnetic field on the rotor causing the rotor to start spinning.

motor rotor

AC motors: In AC motors, the magnetic field can be generated by coils on the stator. These coils are supplied with power through an AC power source, which produces an alternating magnetic field. The magnetism on the rotor can interact with the alternating magnetic field of the stator, which causes the rotor to start rotating.

The toothed rotor in a stepper motor is inherently magnetic to produce a specific number of poles. The rotor in a reluctance motor also needs to be made of magnetic material.

In short, the magnetism on the rotor helps create a magnetic field that interacts with the current or magnetic field in the stator to create mechanical motion. This mechanical motion can be used to drive a variety of applications, including wind turbines, electric vehicle drive systems, household appliances, power tools, and more.

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