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Role of the motor rotor paste magnet steel brush glue

The rotor is made of a series of spare parts, including the rotor shell, magnets, steel sleeve, shaft, bearings, wind blades, etc., in which the rotor magnet is a more important part, but before the magnet is applied, generally need to be coated with a layer of glue, why is this? What is the role? The following motor magnet manufacturers Courage xiaofu to introduce you.

The rotor sticker magnet steel brush glue mainly plays a fixed role in simplifying the manufacturing process, preventing loosening, enhancing stability and reducing the air gap, the following is a more detailed description.

1、Prevent loosening

During rotor operation, due to vibration, shock and other factors, the magnets may gradually loosen, which may lead to reduced performance or even failure of the mechanical equipment. Brushing glue can ensure that the magnets are always tightly adhered to the rotor, reducing the risk of loosening.

2、Enhance stability

Magnets are often used to generate a magnetic field, and for some equipment, such as electric motors or generators, the stability of the magnetic field is critical to performance. Through the use of magnetic adhesive, the stability of magnets can be enhanced to ensure that their position and relative orientation remain consistent.

Illustrated with curved segmented half-ring magnets

Illustrated with curved segmented half-ring magnets

3、Simplify the manufacturing process

Brush adhesive can be applied relatively easily during assembly, thus simplifying the assembly process. Compared to other fixing methods (e.g. mechanical fasteners), brushing adhesive can perform the fixing task more efficiently.

4、 Reduce the air gap

The use of magnetic adhesive can fill the tiny air gap between the magnet and the rotor, thereby improving adhesion and reducing the risk that the magnet may loosen at the gap.

The above is about the role of the motor rotor paste magnets before brushing the role of glue is a commonly used method, the type of glue is generally used anaerobic adhesive, our company mainly provides magnets (ferrite arc segment magnets, rare earth neodymium arc segmented magnets, samarium cobalt arc magnets) processing and customisation, does not provide glue for sale.

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