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Difference between vertical and horizontal pull force of a magnet

Magnet pull, also known as magnetic pull, is a measure of the strength of the magnet's magnetic field, mainly divided into vertical pull and horizontal pull, today we will talk about the difference between these 2 kinds of pull.

There are several main differences between the vertical pull and horizontal pull of a magnet as follows;

1, Vertical pull refers to the attraction or suction force of the magnet in the vertical direction, while horizontal pull refers to the suction force of the magnet in the horizontal direction.

2, In the absence of external forces, the vertical maximum pull of the magnet is greater than the horizontal maximum pull, because gravity enhances the suction in the vertical direction.

The accompanying picture shows the magnet pulling force tester

The accompanying picture shows the magnet pulling force tester

3, Vertical tension decays rapidly as the distance between the magnet and the suction increases, but horizontal tension decays more slowly.

4, Vertical pull is more dependent on the magnet's own magnetic properties, while the horizontal pull is related to the design of the magnetic circuit in addition to the magnetic properties.

5, The horizontal pull can continue to transfer the movement through the mechanism design, but the vertical pull can only produce static suction.

6, In the motion system, often the first use of vertical suction to obtain fastening, and then through the horizontal pull to transfer motion.

7, The measurement of vertical tension is simple, but horizontal tension measurement requires special equipment or conditions.

8, In use, the two are more synergistic, rather than antagonistic relationship.

Is the vertical or horizontal pull greater?

When a magnet attracts an object, the magnitude of the vertical and horizontal pulls depends on a number of factors, including the strength of the magnet's magnetism, the strength of the external magnetic field, the nature of the object being attracted, and the distance between the magnet and the object. Therefore, it is not simple to determine that the vertical pull force must be greater than the horizontal pull force or vice versa.

Generally speaking, at the same distance, the vertical maximum suction force of the magnet can be up to 3-5 times of the horizontal maximum suction force, so it is necessary to consider the difference between the two in the mechanical design, and reasonably apply the magnetic characteristics of the magnet.

The above is about the difference between vertical and horizontal pulling force of magnet, hope it is helpful to you!

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