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Wet pressed ferrite segment magnet performance related introduction

Wet-pressed ferrite segmented magnets are a common magnetic material commonly used in the manufacture of motors, sensors, magnets, and other applications. Its performance depends on a number of factors, including the composition of the material, the preparation process, and subsequent processing. Here are some important factors related to the performance of wet pressed ferrite arc segmented magnets.

1、Chemical composition

Ferrite segmented magnets are usually composed of iron oxides and other additives, and the chemical composition affects the magnetic performance and physical properties of arc magnets.

2、Magnetic properties

One of the main properties of wet-pressed ferrite arc magnets is magnetic performance, including magnetic induction strength (magnetization strength), coercivity, residual magnetic induction strength, etc. These parameters determine the magnetic performance of the tile under specific operating conditions.

3、Saturation magnetization strength

This is the maximum magnetization strength that the material can achieve, higher saturation magnetization strength means stronger magnetic properties.


Coercivity is the external magnetic field strength required to demagnetize the tile from saturation, higher coercivity means that the tile is more difficult to demagnetize and has better magnetic properties.

Wet pressed ferrite segment magnet

5、 Hysteresis loss

This is the energy loss that occurs when the direction of magnetization of an arc magnet is reversed. Lower hysteresis loss is critical for energy efficiency in some applications.

6、Magnetic permeability

Magnetic permeability describes the ability of a material to respond to a magnetic field. High permeability is usually associated with good permeability properties.

7. Size and Shape

The size and shape of curved magnets also affects their performance. Different applications require tiles of different sizes and shapes to meet specific needs.

8、Preparation process

The preparation process of wet-pressed ferrite arc magnets affects their microstructure and performance. Parameters such as sintering temperature and sintering time affect the densification and magnetic properties of the tiles.

Overall, the performance of wet-pressed ferrite arc magnets depends on a number of aspects. Precise control of the preparation process and knowledge of materials engineering are key to achieving the desired properties.

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