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SmCo Permanent Magnets (History/Use/Properties/Advantages/)

Maybe there are many friends are not familiar with samarium cobalt magnets.

So, the introduction of samarium cobalt comes today. This article will give a comprehensive introduction about the history, advantages, application, components, and performance list of samarium cobalt magnets.

What is samarium cobalt magnet?

The samarium cobalt magnet, also namely samarium cobalt permanent magnet, which is a powerful permanent magnet made of two mainly element: samarium and cobalt. This magnet belongs to rare earth magnet, and there are mainly SmCo5 and Sm2C017 component.

Compared with neodymium magnet, samarium cobalt have less magnetic force, but it have two advantage is excellent: higher temperature resistance and better corrosion resistance. Therefore, samarium cobalt magnet will develop the best value when the product need to compare performance and size in high temperature or application.

History of Samarium Cobalt Magnets:

Samarium cobalt magnets were officially born in the 1960s, and introduced in the 1970s that were the first commercial rare earth magnets. Their introduction was revolutionary in the magnet. Before the introduction of samarium cobalt magnets, the standard of magnetism was aluminum nickel cobalt (Anico) alloy magnets. The samarium cobalt magnet is three times stronger than aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets at market. Until production costs rising and the need for stronger magnets, researchers were pushed to explore and develop cheaper alternatives.Later, neodymium magnets were developed, and they are still the strongest magnets in the world.

The composition of a samarium cobalt magnet

The composition of samarium cobalt magnets has been introduced in previous articles. For more details, please click Composition and proportion of samarium cobalt magnets.

Samarium cobalt magnet strength;

Samarium cobalt magnets can produce relatively high magnetic field strengths, usually in the range of several hundred to several thousand gauss or tens to hundreds of Tesla, depending on the size of the magnet, specific design and application requirements.

Physical properties of samarium cobalt magnet;(Including density, resistivity, hardness, Curie temperature, etc)


Advantages of Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnet:

Samarium cobalt magnets are not as powerful as neodymium magnets, but they have some excellent advantages in that samarium cobalt magnets operate over a wider range of temperatures, have superior temperature coefficients and better corrosion resistance.And at the beginning of the 150 ℃ is superior to the special high temperature neodymium magnets.

Temperature: Samarium cobalt magnets not only perform well at high temperatures, but retain their magnetism at temperatures below.

Corrosion: Because most grades of samarium cobalt magnet hardly contain iron, so they have excellent corrosion resistance.

High mechanical strength: SmCo magnets have high mechanical strength under high temperature and mechanical stress. This makes them suitable for applications that require high mechanical stability.

Good workability: Samarium cobalt magnets can be molded and processed by a variety of methods, such as extrusion, pressing and injection molding. This makes it possible to produce magnets of all shapes and sizes.

Disadvantages of samarium cobalt magnets:

Samarium cobalt magnets may be more expensive than neodymium magnets due to the cost of producing cobalt (market price of the cobalt  is sensitive). Like other rare earth magnets, SmCo magnet also very brittle, so it is suit for the use do not require direct impact.

Application of samarium cobalt magnet:

Samarium cobalt permanent magnet is widely used in aerospace, national defense military components, communications, automobile and electronic instruments, electric meters, water meters, sensors, oven, high temperature motor, magnetic pump, mechanical equipment, mold, tin furnace fixture, fixture, magnetic fixture, FPC magnetic carrier, carrier plate, detector, microwave devices, etc.

The above content is provided by the Chinese magnet manufacturer Courage Magnet. If you need to buy or know more about samarium cobalt, you can send us an inquiry.

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