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Composition and proportion of samarium cobalt magnets

Q: Which magnet is most suitable for the working environment that is more than 250℃ high temperature and easy to corrode?

A: I will tell you samarium cobalt magnet will be your good choice.

Today I will introduce to you what are the ingredients of samarium cobalt magnet.

Samarium cobalt magnets mainly include SmCo5 and Sm2Co17:

SmCo5: The SmCo5 magnet consists of a samarium cobalt alloy with the ratio of Sm-Co is 1:5, namely one samarium atom and five cobalt atoms.By weight, samarium accounts for 36% of the total, this samarium cobalt magnet alloy usually contains 36% samarium and a small amount of cobalt, the series of SmCo magnets can provide a maximum magnetic energy product is 25MGOe, reversible temperature coefficient is -0.05%/℃.

In addition, this series is easier than the Sm2Co17 series to calibrate to a specific magnetic field.

Various sizes of ring samarium cobalt permanent magnet;


Sm2Co17: The Sm2Co17 magnet consists of a samarium cobalt alloy with the ratio of SmCo is 2:17, that is, 2 samarium atoms and 17 cobalt atoms. It also contains other elements such as iron, copper, zirconium, hafnium, but in very small quantities, this property has a higher magnetic energy product is up to 32MGOe and the reversible temperature coefficient is -0.03%/℃.

Specific proportion details:

Rare earth metal samarium (Sm): 23-28%

Rare earth metal Cobalt (Co): 48-52%

Metallic element Iron (Fe): 14-17%

Metallic element Copper (Cu): 5-7%

Add a small amount of zirconium (Zr): 2-3%

It is important to note that specific formulations and ingredients may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and product to product, so the composition of samarium cobalt magnets may vary somewhat in practical applications.

If you have any inquiry about samarium cobalt magnets, please consult us for price and sample!

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