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Notes for customized rare earth countersunk magnets

Neodymium perforated magnets mainly have straight holes and screw holes, commonly found in three types: circular, square, and rectangular. Due to different sizes required by different customers, they often need to be customized, mainly for thickness magnetization. Today, this article will share with you some precautions for customizing rare earth countersunk magnets.

The picture shows various sizes of thin or thick countersunk ring magnets

various sizes of thin or thick countersunk ring magnets

Customized countersunk magnet needs to consider the following precautions:

1、Magnetic properties grade and size: Magnetic properties and size are the two key factors for custom countersunk magnets. Magnetic properties need to be selected based on specific application scenarios and requirements, and the size needs to be determined by factors such as fixed position and installation mode. Therefore, it is necessary to design and confirm the size and magnetic properties of the custom ring magnets

2、Materials and Surface treatment: Countersunk magnets usually consist of materials such as rare earth permanent magnets and metal casings. Different materials and surface treatments can be selected for different application scenarios. For example, the surface treatment can be nickel plating, zinc plating, spraying and other ways to improve the corrosion resistance and surface quality of the magnet.

3、Countersunk position and shape: Countersunk magnets typically have a countersunk structure that can be easily fixed to a metal surface. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the position and shape of the counterbore based on the actual situation to ensure that the magnet can be correctly fixed in the target position.

4、Usage environment and temperature: When using customized countersunk magnets, factors such as usage environment and temperature need to be considered. For example, if the magnet will be used in high-temperature environments, it is necessary to choose high-temperature rare earth permanent magnet materials to ensure stable magnetic properties.

5、Quality and safety: Custom countersunk magnets need to consider their quality and safety. Therefore, when choosing a magnet manufacturer, it is necessary to choose a qualified and professional magnet manufacturer to ensure the quality and safety of the magnet.

In short, custom countersunk magnets need to consider a number of factors, such as magnetic properties grade, size, material, surface treatment, countersunk position and shape, operating environment and temperature, quality and safety, to ensure that the magnet meets the needs of the actual application.

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