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Radial Ring Magnets [Meaning Uses Magnetization Diagram]

Radial ring magnet, also known as the radial magnetic ring, the magnetic field is mainly generated along the radial direction, the strong magnetic surface is on the side of the ring magnet, the material can be ferrite, NdFeb, samarium cobalt, aluminum nickel cobalt, etc., different industry customers have different material requirements.

Radial ring magnet can be either general magnetized or multipole magnetized.

Ordinary radial magnetization is 1 N pole, 1 S pole, multi-pole magnetization refers to a number of N and S poles, the material can be sintered/bonded/injection NdFeb, sintered/injection ferrite.

Main advantages of radially magnetized ring magnets:

1. Radial magnetized ring magnets can produce a strong magnetic field along the radial direction, because the magnetic field is mainly concentrated on the inner and outer surface of the ring, this structure makes the magnetic field in the center of the ring more uniform, so as to obtain a higher magnetic field strength.

2. A variety of magnetic field direction options: due to radial magnetization, the magnetic field direction of the ring magnet can be along the radial from the inside out, or from the outside in, this flexibility makes them suitable for a variety of specific design requirements.

3. Simple structure: The structure of radially magnetized ring magnets is relatively simple and easy to manufacture and integrate into different equipment.

4. Magnetic field stability: Due to the use of permanent magnet materials, the magnetic field of radially magnetized ring magnets is stable, and no external power supply is required to maintain the magnetic field, so it performs well in some applications that require long-term stability.

5. High temperature performance: some permanent magnet materials have excellent high temperature performance, so that radial magnetized ring magnets can still maintain strong magnetic properties in high temperature environment, suitable for applications that need to work under high temperature conditions.

Radial ring magnet use;

Widely used in sensors, motors, generators, loudspeakers, magnetic isolators, magnetic clamping devices, magnetic couplers and other electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment.

Ring magnet common radial magnetization diagram;

tgr .jpg

The above is a comprehensive introduction to radial ring magnets. Our company is a permanent magnet manufacturer. Whether you need ordinary radial ring magnets or multipole radial magnets, we can provide them with high accuracy and good quality. Welcome to consult.

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