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Usage of adhesive neodymium magnets

Adhesive magnets are now becoming more and more popular in the market because of their wide range of uses. There are also many customers who ask what is adhesive magnet and what are its applications?

What are adhesive magnets?

Adhesive magnets are processed on neodymium magnets that have already been coated and attached to a 3M double-sided adhesive adhesive. This magnet can be very convenient to use in non-metal use scenarios, such as wood, plastic, acrylic plate, glass, ceramic and other use surfaces. Its adhesive makes the original scope of application of the magnet more possible, strong magnetic force, stable performance and can be used in more scenarios of the scope of use, these advantages make it in the competition of magnet products have a more brilliant performance.3M glue means they don't lose their adhesion easily over time. In general, the adhesive is attached to the N pole, and does not affect both sides can attract metal. It must be noted that double-sided tape magnets used on packaging boxes usually come in pairs. For example, two small discs, one of which is N-pole coated with 3M glue and the other is S-pole coated with 3M glue. In this way, in the process of use, the two surfaces without double-sided tape can attract each other, in order to work, in order to reduce costs can consider the magnet + Iron sheet.

What is the material of 3m adhesive magnet?

At present, the magnet material used by 3m adhesive is mostly neodymium strong magnetic, which combines the strong magnetic force of Neodymium iron boron and the high viscosity of double-sided adhesive. With it, it can solve the adsorption problem of non-iron and iron objects, and solve the problem of one-time use of double-sided adhesive and difficult to deal with the stain after use.

What are the uses of 3M adhesive magnets?

According to its practicality and possibilities, we have sorted out the following uses.

  • Used for DIY

Adhesive magnets can play a very good role in many DIY handicrafts, and sometimes adhesive magnets can be more convenient than just glue, even if you need to disassemble the DIY product later.

  • Store iron tools

Can be used to store iron tools, durable magnetic force, strong load-bearing force, double-sided tape can be used, it is recommended to stick on a smooth surface.

  •  Fridge magnets

If hair accessories drop small accessories or other nice looking patterns. You can stick a small magnet on the back, used as a refrigerator, you can do simple decoration, but also can stick a message.

  • Consumer electronics

In the past 2 years, the most popular car magnet bracket is the combination of 3M glue + magnet/iron sheet, and many of the atmosphere lights in the car and ceiling light products are made of this 3m glue magnet.

  • Medical cabinets in pharmacies

You can use magnets that are being sold on the back of a small plastic or Tupperware container to store gauze, Band-aids, cotton swabs or diabetes supplies and attach them to a metal basket.

  •  Model building

When the model is built in the United States, instead of glue, you can leave the appropriate position in the hole and put magnets in the hole. By gluing the small magnet together, you can replace the model block with a new design, or fix it when needed.

  •  Packing

Turn an ordinary item, such as an envelope or box, into a luxury package. You can attach small sticky magnets to hold it to both ends, and cover the magnets with wrapping paper or fabric for a nice and convenient package.

  • Purchase point display

To make your point-of-purchase display stand out, you can use a circular magnet selected according to the need for tension, or custom sticky magnets to attach to the logo or product.

  •  Labels on shelves

Use accessories to organize labels on glue magnets in your workspace or warehouse. By doing so, you can easily move the label to a new location.

  • Trade shows

When you attend trade shows, you can make your brand stand out visibly by attaching labels to glue magnets on the back of your logo and display. They're also easy to clean up.

  • Wayfinding and safety signs

When it comes to hanging road signs or safety signs, it's important to have the flexibility to place them where they need to be. For example, the magnets that are being sold allow you to easily move the sign to another magnetic surface.

  • Dolls

Some high-end dolls will use magnets to make the doll more attractive, such as blinking eyes.

The above is an introduction to the materials and uses of 3M adhesive magnets. If you need to know the price of 3M adhesive neodymium magnets, please contact the manufacturer of Courage permanent magnet.

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