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Production capacity and expansion of major NdFeb manufacturers overseas

Compared to China, there is a certain lack of supporting facilities in different links of the overseas rare earth permanent magnet industry chain. The overseas sintered neodymium iron boron production capacity is mainly concentrated in Japan, and the current production capacity is mainly arranged by companies such as TDK, Shinyue Chemical, and Hitachi Metal. However, Japan does not have upstream rare earth resources and smelting facilities, and its raw material imports mostly rely on China. In 2021, China's import volume accounted for 67%. USAAreEarths and UrbanMining Co. in the United States contribute to the main domestic production of neodymium, iron, and boron, with a total annual production capacity of about 4000 tons. Upstream rare earth smelting and separation capacity is also lacking, and raw material imports rely on countries such as China (78%) and Malaysia (5%).

The distribution pattern of production capacity in various links of the rare earth industry chain, with China in a global leading position

The distribution pattern of production capacity in various links of the rare earth industry chain

The following is the main Ndfeb production capacity overseas (as of the end of 2022)


TDK capacity scale/planning: undisclosed, in production status.

Shin-Etsu Chemical scale/planning: Vietnam 2200 tons/year, China 3000 tons/year, in production.

Hitachi Metal capacity scale/planning: undisclosed, in production.

United States;

USARareEarths:2000 tons/year, in production.

UrbanMiningCo:2000 tons/year, in production.

MPMaterials: Planning 1000 tons per year, expected production in 2023.

Quadrant: Planned 1500 tons/year -2000 tons/year, expected to be put into production in 2024.

Vacuumschmelze: Undisclosed, expected to start production in 2025.


NeoPerformaceMaterials: Thailand NdFEB powder 1800 tons/year, China 7200 tons/year. silmet planning Phase I 2000/ year ton permanent magnet; The second phase is 5,000 tons/year, and the first phase is planned to be constructed in 2023 and put into operation in 2025

Currently, the expected new overseas production capacity for the next 2-3 years is still relatively limited. The United States intends to rebuild the rare earth industry chain, and companies such as MPMaterials, Quadrant, and Vacuumschmelze are expected to provide an increase in the main domestic magnetic material production capacity before 2025, but the overall scale is relatively limited. In addition, due to the biggest weakness of the US rare earth industry chain in the mid stream smelting and separation process, and considering environmental pressure, technology, and production capacity construction cycles, it is expected that the US rare earth supply chain will still encounter significant resistance in decoupling from China. The dependence on raw material imports may exacerbate the uncertainty of downstream magnetic material production capacity release, and the global leading position of China's rare earth permanent magnet industry chain is expected to continue to deepen.

The above is about the production capacity and planning of the main NdFeb manufacturers by the end of 2022, the data is organized and edited by Xiaofu, a Chinese courage magnet manufacturer. Our company mainly supplies a variety of permanent magnets, advantages such as motor sensor multi-pole magnetic ring, high precision, high difficulty, high-performance rare earth neodymium magnets, ceramic ferrite magnets, etc.

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