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Difference between demagnetized magnet and non-demagnetized magnet

Perhaps some customers do not know much about the term strong magnet demagnetization, does this situation often occur? Magnet manufacturers will often encounter? Why is demagnetization necessary?

First of all, Why do magnets need demagnetization?

For example, the magnet salesman does not understand the actual needs of customers, customers do not magnetize the delivery, the result is magnetized.

There is also the possibility that the electroplating plant will require nickel plated magnets to be plated with zinc, and the customer will not accept galvanized products. In this case, re-coating is required, and re-coating is also required to demagnetize.

There are many cases, so what are the differences between the demagnetized magnet and the original non-demagnetized magnet? Many people will be more concerned about this issue, here is to say.

Neodymium block magnets packed in plastic tube


What is the difference and effect of the magnet after demagnetization?

After the magnet is demagnetized, the magnetic molecular structure of the magnet will change significantly. This causes the magnet to weaken in comparison with ordinary magnets, and after multiple magnetization, the magnetism will become weaker and weaker. Therefore, when we use the demagnetized magnet, we can not be magnetized many times, and we can only rush again after demagnetization, otherwise it will cause the magnetic force of the magnet to fail to meet the needs of use.

The original magnet has not undergone high temperature demagnetization, the magnetic structure molecule has not changed, the magnetic property is relatively stable, but it is still necessary to avoid high temperature, because high temperature will make the molecular structure of the magnet change.


Demagnetized magnets lose their original permanent magnetism, while non demagnetized magnets still maintain permanent magnetism. The difference in these characteristics depends on the microstructure and atomic arrangement inside the magnet. Magnets can be demagnetized through different processing methods, such as heating, electromagnetic field treatment, etc., thereby changing the properties of the magnet.

Introduction of relevant magnet demagnetization;

Reason Of Neodymium Magnet Demagnetization

Neodymium magnets of high temperature resistance also will demagnetization

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