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Aluminum nickel cobalt magnet belong to strong magnet?

About aluminum nickel cobalt magnet, Xiao Fu before the article "Alnico Magnets [Type Disadvantage Grade Uses]" in detail, want to know friends can click on the link to view, today the main answer to the question of the web page aluminum nickel cobalt magnet is a strong magnet?

The following image shows the appearance of aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnets;

Appearance of aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnets

At present, among the magnet materials used on the market, the strongest magnetic NdFeb strong magnets is the highest resistance to about 220 ° C, followed by samarium cobalt magnets, the highest temperature resistance of 350 ° C, aluminum nickel cobalt and ferrite, the magnetism is very weak, not strong magnetic, but the temperature resistance characteristics are quite good, which is also a rule of magnets, magnetic force and temperature resistance is inversibly proportional.

How strong is an Alnico magnet?

The magnetic strength of an aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnet is usually between 0.6 and 1.35 Tesla (T), depending on the composition of the magnet, geometry, size, etc.

The above is about the aluminum nickel cobalt magnet belongs to the strong magnetic? As well as an introduction to how strong aluminum-nickel-cobalt magnets are, it can also be machined into the various shapes you need, can be done without electroplating, and is commonly used in industrial applications such as rotating machinery, instrumentation, instrumentation, aerospace, sensing device holding applications and more.

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