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N40 Grade Neodymium Magnet Datasheet and Strength

N40 is a grade of NdFeb magnet, which belongs to the grade of medium performance and can be processed into various shapes. Its temperature resistance is the basic 80℃, if you need a higher temperature, you can choose to have N\M\H\SH\UH\EH grade, the maximum temperature can only be 230℃. The 40 in N40 refers to a maximum magnetic energy product of 40 MGOe (±1) for this grade. The larger the number, the larger the magnetic range, the more expensive the price will be, and the more frequently selected grades on the market are N40 and N42.

N40 grade neodymium magnet Gauss strength reference;

The following is the N40 magnet surface magnetic field strength reference:

N40 grade D2x10mm cylinder is axially magnetized with a surface magnetic field strength of 3160 Gauss

N40 12x20mm neodymium magnet with surface magnetism of 5660 Gauss

N40H/block 13x7x4.98, magnetic field strength 3500 Gauss

N40SH arc magnet R39.75*34.75*35.35*126*5, surface magnetic 1200 Gauss

N40h/Ni/D4 × 1.8mm, magnetic field strength 3160gs

N40/ Ni/F25x17x3mm, magnetic field strength 3200 gs

N40/ Ni/D6 × 3, measuring magnetic 3220gs

N40/ Zinc/D70 * d30 * 3, surface magnetic 1020gs

N40/ Zn / 18.2* 8.1 * 4.7. Surface magnetic 3260g

N40 ring magnet D22.23 x d4.76 x 25.4 About 4560gs

Ring neodymium magnet d6.4 x 1.25x0.98mm about 1970 Gauss

N40 grade neodymium magnet pull strength;

The main factor affecting the tensile force of N40 neodymium magnets is size. The following data is for reference only and subject to actual conditions.

For example, the N40 square 10x10x2mm neodymium magnet pulls about 4kg

Neodymium magnet with a diameter of 5mm and a thickness of 4mm has a pulling force of about 750g

40x12x8mm Ndfeb N40 tension is about 10kg

The 20x10x5mm neodymium magnet pulls about 4kg

The diameter is 10mm, the thickness is 2mm, and the tension is about 1.3kg

Note: There is no direct mathematical relationship between the tensile strength and Gaussian strength of N40 grade neodymium magnets, which are two different properties of magnets that are used to describe the mechanical properties and magnetic properties of magnets respectively.

Is the neodymium magnet of N40 more powerful than that of N35/N38 and other numbers low than number 40?

Not necessarily.The strength of the magnetic field not only depend on the level of the magnet, also will depend on its shape and specifications. It is wrong to simply think that the higher the grade, the stronger the surface magnetic field. The premise is that under the same specifications, the higher the level, the higher the surface magnetic field will be! 

For example, the surface magnetic force of the N35/D3*10mm circular magnet is greater than the N40/d30*2mm circular magnet, but the N35/D3x10mm circular magnet is less than the N40/D3x10mm circular magnet.

The data of diffirent N40 Grade of neodymium magnets:


Residual Induction


Coercive Force


Intrinsic Coercive Force


Maximum Energe Product


Max working Temp


N4012.5-12.8 KGs≥11.4 Koe≥12.0 Koe38-41 MGOe80℃
N40M12.5-12.8 KGs≥11.6 Koe≥14.0 Koe38-41 MGOe100℃
N40H12.5-12.8 KGs≥11.6 Koe≥17.0 Koe38-41 MGOe120℃
N40SH12.5-12.8 KGs≥11.8 Koe≥20.0 Koe38-41 MGOe150℃
N40UH12.5-12.8 KGs≥11.3 Koe≥25.0 Koe38-41 MGOe180℃

About the attraction of neodymium magnets:

Normally, the higher the surface magnetic force, the greater the suction per unit area rather than the magnet attraction, the size needs to be taken into account.

Suction = magnetic force per unit surface * per unit area.

Therefore, it cannot be simply considered that the attraction of magnets with high surface magnetic force must be large! For example, N50 D3*10mm suction <N33 10*5mm(although N50 D3*10mm surface magnetism >N33 10*5mm)

The above is an introduction to the strength of N40 neodymium magnets. If you would like to purchase or customize N40 neodymium magnets or other grades of magnets, please contact us.

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