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How to choose dry pressed and wet pressed ferrite magnets?

Ferrite magnet is a permanent magnet material mainly composed of Fe203 and SrO or BaO materials. Compared with other permanent magnets such as neodymium magnets or SmCo magnets, ferrite is hard and brittle, low magnetic, but not easy to demagnetize, strong corrosion resistance, and ferrite magnets production process is simple, low price.

Therefore, among all permanent magnets, ferrite has the highest output and is widely used in many industries. According to the different preparation methods of magnetic powder, there are two main methods for the preparation of ferrite: dry pressure and wet pressure.

Dry pressed ferrite and wet pressed ferrite are two different preparation processes that are suitable for different applications and requirements.

Dry pressed ferrite and wet pressed ferrite are two different preparation processes

In general, due to the high chemical activity of raw materials, the magnetic properties of wet pressed products are higher and more stable, and the direction of magnetization is easier to determine during the pressing process. However, because the dehydration is difficult to control, the waste rate of rough is also high, and some complex shapes cannot even be made by wet pressing. In addition, the wet press molding process is complex, the molding speed is slow, molding 1 ~ 2 times per minute, and the thousand press molding speed is 15 ~ 20 times per minute.

In contrast, the dry pressing method mainly uses less chemically active oxides as raw materials, and generally cannot achieve a complete chemical reaction. Because there is no flowing medium in the dry pressing process, it is difficult to achieve a high degree of orientation. However, because dry pressing does not require dehydration, the molding equipment is simple and easy to automate. Moreover, the processing surface of dry pressing products is smooth and flat, and there is no need to trim, which greatly reduces the grinding workload.

In general, wet pressing quality will be better, dry pressing process is very suitable for the production of deformed and small shapes of ferrites, but wet pressing will be a little more expensive. High performance ferrite wet pressure magnetic tile is mainly used in automotive motors, variable frequency home appliances and other fields, and high performance ferrite dry pressure magnetic tile is mainly used in permanent magnet DC motor.

The choice of dry-pressed ferrite or wet-pressed ferrite should be determined according to the specific application needs, if cost and simple preparation are the primary considerations, and the performance requirements are not particularly high, you can choose dry-pressed ferrite. For applications that pursue high performance and more complex shapes, wet pressed ferrite magnets may be more suitable.

At present, our wet pressing products are mostly, but if there is a need for dry pressing ferrite customization, you can contact us.

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