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What is the gauss value of a magnet to be considered qualified?

How many gauss does a magnet need to qualify? See some netizens are asking this question, do you also want to know? Next, permanent magnet manufacturer Courage Xiao Fu will introduce this problem for you.

Gauss value of the magnet is not fixed

The surface Gauss value of a magnet depends on the material, specification, performance grade, etc., and there is no fixed value.

What is the Gaussian value of a magnet to be considered qualified?

The magnetic strength of the magnet is usually measured by the unit Gauss, magnetic strength is a physical quantity describing the strength of the magnetic field, used to measure the magnetic field strength generated by the magnet, the magnetic strength to how many Gauss is qualified depends on the specific application and needs, different application areas of the magnetic strength of the magnet requirements will be different.

The image below is a black epoxy-coated rare earth neodymium magnets (circle/ring/sink)


As long as the Gauss value meets the customer's requirements, it is qualified, whether it is 200 Gauss or 5000 Gauss. This is because different customers have different Gauss requirements for magnets, and some customers' requirements can only be high or not low, the higher the better. Some requirements are low, too high will not work. Some customers are not high or low requirements, within a certain range.

Here are some examples of common magnetic strength requirements for magnets:

Household magnet: The usual refrigerator magnet or office magnet magnetic strength is generally between tens to hundreds of Gauss.

Industrial applications: Some industrial applications may require higher magnetic strength, usually above a few thousand to ten thousand gauss.

Medical devices: Magnets used in medical devices, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices, typically have magnetic strengths ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of gauss.

The above is about how many Gauss qualified magnets, our company specializes in the production of a variety of neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, motor arc magnets, multi-pole ring magnets, rotor magnets, welcome to inquire.

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