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What are the factors that affect the Gauss value of a magnet?

We commonly use Gauss value to indicate the magnetic strength of a magnet, such as this magnet has 1100 Gauss, that magnet has 2200,3000,4000, or 5000 Gauss, then you have thought about the factors that affect the size of the magnet Gauss value?

Gaussian value measurement with round neodymium magnets, surface magnetic strength is 4060 Gauss.


In general, the factors that affect the size of the magnet Gaussian value have these points.

1. The material of the magnet: the material of the magnet determines its magnetic field strength, the strongest is neodymium, a single magnet can reach five or six thousand, and some magnetic components such as magnetic rods can reach more than 10,000 Gauss.

2. The size and shape of the magnet: the size and shape of the magnet will also have an impact on the strength of the magnetic field. In general, the larger the magnet size, the higher the magnetic field strength, but the actual surface Gaussian value is relatively small.

The Gaussian value of the magnet is inversely proportional to the area, Thicker the magnet, the higher the magnetic surface.

3. Magnetization mode of magnets: Magnets can be magnetized in different ways, such as axial magnetization, radial magnetization, length width thickness and other directions of magnetization, different magnetization modes will affect the magnetic field strength and distribution.

4. Magnetization: The magnetization of the magnet refers to the magnetic field strength of the magnet during the magnetization process, and a higher magnetization can lead to a stronger magnetic field and Gaussian value.

Note: To understand the distribution of magnetic field strength inside the magnet, more detailed magnetic field analysis and measurement are required.

The above is about the impact of magnet table magnetic (Gaussian) 4 factors, if you need to calculate the value of the magnet Gaussian can be clicked Neodymium Disc Block Magnet Surface Gauss Online Calculator

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