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What problems should be paid attention to when using magnets?

Have a magnet problem, welcome to Dongguan Courage magnet manufacturers magnet question and answer column, column has provided you with valuable magnet posts, today Xiaobian to introduce some matters that need to pay attention to when using magnets for your science.

What problems should be paid attention to when using magnets?

  • Prohibit magnet suction

The impact of the suction is not only easy to cause the magnet to fall off the Angle of damage, but also the debris can scratch the eyes. If you do need to inhale, be sure to approach carefully and slowly.

  • Avoid being near sensitive equipment

The magnetic field generated by the magnet may cause interference with electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, etc. When using magnets, try to avoid close to these sensitive equipment, so as not to affect its normal operation or damage the data in it.

  • Pay attention to make environmental clean

Magnet can absorb all kinds of iron dust, when we make the process of magnet also need to ensure a clean environment, so in the production workshop to keep clean at all times.If it is stuck to other substances or dust, it is not only difficult to clean up, but also extremely easy to affect the magnet effect (corrosion resistance, surface gloss), especially when used outside the product. Another one is that may be affect the effect of the product which matches it.

Below is a disc black epoxy-coated neodymium magnet

Disc black epoxy-coated neodymium magnets

  • It should be placed on a wooden or plastic plate workbench

If it is an iron workbench, it may lead to a situation where the magnet is drawn together and cannot be pulled out, affecting work efficiency.

  • Keep iron tools away from magnets

The magnet strongly absorbs various iron parts, so the iron tools should be placed far away from the magnet to avoid various accidents.

  • Keep a safe distance between two magnets

If two large magnets come together violently, it can be dangerous for you.

  • Store the magnet in a ventilated and dry environment

Acidic, alkaline, organic solvent, salt water, high temperature and humid environment easy to make the magnet oxidation, electroplating layer will fall off, the magnet will powder demagnetization.

The above is about the use of magnets and safety need to pay attention to some reminders, I hope you can avoid some improper operation and improve efficiency!

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