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In what fields or products are magnets mainly used?

We all know that magnets are widely used, so what are the specific fields and products? Today we will talk about, There are more than 10 kinds.

Magnet products are widely used in the fields of:

Rare earth neodymium magnets shape complete, all walks of life need to use;

Various shapes of rare earth neodymium magnets

1. Motor: servo motor, new energy synchronous motor, traction machine, DC motor, frequency conversion motor, etc.

2. Medical: nuclear magnetic resonance, angiography machine, medical electric drill, magnetic working forceps, acupuncture magnetic therapy, magnetic sensing detector, magnetic anesthesia, etc.

3. New energy: wind energy generators, new energy vehicles, EPS motors, sewage filters, etc.

4. Industrial: mechanical arm, magnetic separator, electromagnetic crane, compressor, etc.

5. Automobile: Car audio, instrument panel, sensor, electric seat, stern door, etc.

6. Acoustic: wireless charging, speakers, professional audio, recording equipment, Bluetooth speakers, hi-fi headphones, speakers, etc.

7. 3C: electronic atomizer, TWS Bluetooth headset, magnetic absorption data cable, connector, smart wear, mobile phone, lighting, toys, etc.

8. Beauty makeup: cat eye manicure, magnetic eyelashes, magnetic lipstick tube, etc

9. Laboratory research: Curved magnets are often used in a variety of laboratory research, such as physics experiments, material research, magnetic measurement, etc. They provide adjustable magnetic fields and can be used to explore the effects of magnetic fields on the properties of matter.

10. Architectural and decorative fields: Magnetic door fasteners, magnetic door fasteners, magnetic curtain fasteners for decorative and home applications.

11. Packaging: Magnetic packaging box, many kinds, such as moon cake box, toy box, magnetic gift box, mainly play the role of convenient opening and closing.

12. Toys: such as magnetic puzzle and Mosaic toys, magnetic construction toys, magnetic fishing toys, magnetic whirlpool toys and so on.

In addition to the above application fields, it can also be used in aerospace, household appliances, military, electronic components, optical optoelectronics and other fields.Magnets are not only simple N and S, but also multi-pole (that is, multiple N and S on one magnetic surface). Our company is a professional permanent magnet supplier.

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