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11 uses of magnets at home (house)

Magnets are often used in our lives, and you can easily find some products that use magnets at home. Magnets add a lot of convenience to our daily lives, and many of our home appliances don't work properly without magnets. So today in this article, let's take a look at where magnets are used in the home and what role they play.

1. Book magnets

If you are a reader, there are many classic books at home. Then you may find that some of your book covers will use magnets (such as neodymium magnets) to keep them closed. You may also have purchased magnetic bookmarks, which are more convenient and less likely to drop than regular bookmarks.

2. Magnetic knife holder

For many people, how to properly place some sharp kitchen utensils, such as knives and forks, has been a big headache. We all know that it is dangerous to keep sharp knives in drawers, and with the help of magnets, sharp knives and forks can be safely attached to the knife holder on the wall.

3. Microwave magnet

Almost every family has a microwave oven, which brings a lot of convenience to our daily life, but have you ever thought that magnets play a very important role in the microwave oven? There are usually two magnets in the magnetron inside the microwave oven, which are used to direct the current to heat the food.

4. Laptop magnets

Magnets are used in many small parts of our commonly used laptops, for example, magnets are used in the speaker of the laptop and the motor of the small fan of the driver. In addition, you can also find a magnet on the laptop's hard drive, and usually one on the lid, which also prevents the computer from being left open due to our carelessness.

5. Phone magnets

The mobile phones we use often also have magnets, microphones and speakers use small magnets, the purpose is to collect sound and generate sound and broadcast in large sound waves

6. Vacuum cleaner magnet

Magnets are also one of the important accessories of vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner works by using a motor to drive the blades to rotate at high speed and generate negative pressure air inside the sealed shell to vacuum the dust, and the vacuum cleaner's motor uses powerful neodymium magnets to generate high suction force.

7. Speaker magnet

One of the most important pieces of equipment in our home sound system is the speaker. You can find magnets in all speakers that interact with coils inside the speaker to produce sound. This can use ferrite and neodymium magnets, etc., but in order to produce a strong and textured sound, some small high-power speakers use neodymium magnets.

8. Treadmill magnets

A treadmill is a good choice for home fitness equipment, usually a treadmill also requires a magnet, when we run on the treadmill, when the machine moves, a magnet passes through the sensor, calculates the number of revolutions and converts it into distance information.

9. Handbag magnets

Many girls like handbags, not only because they are useful, but also because they are the representative of fashion. The use of magnets for handbags will reduce the inconvenience of locking the bag, such as the need for buttons and clasps to lock accurately. The magnetic latch, due to the force of magnetism, only needs to be roughly close to it can be easily combined.

10. LED ceiling light magnets

Now the LED ceiling lights in our home are basically using non-punch-free magnetic wicks, which use 3 or more circular neodymium magnets, which are very convenient to install or replace.

11. Door stopper/door suction magnets

When the door is open, the magnetic closing piece of the doorstop magnet will attract the magnet on the door frame, keeping the door in the open position and preventing the door from closing automatically.

Sample case; Door stopper semicircle neodymium magnet [custom manufacturer]

The above is about some applications of magnets in the home, but not only these products use magnets, such as refrigerator magnets, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. If you have magnet related needs, please contact us for customization and purchase!

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