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Top 6 Uses for Ceramic Magnets at Home

Ceramic ferrite is widely used in motors, electrical appliances, electronics, electro-acoustic, instrumentation, industrial, mechanical equipment, packaging, toys and many other industries, today we will introduce its 6 main applications at home.


Listening to songs is what we like, every household basically have audio equipment, which uses ceramic ferrite magnets.

Magnets are commonly used for horns/speakers; Speaker ring magnets

2、Door Suction

In order to make the door safe for a long time in the open state, in the door sucks on the ceramic magnets will be used, common for the semicircular, rectangular block, ring shape.

3, Refrigerator magnets

Because ceramic ferrite magnet is relatively weak, will memo, photo or calendar fixed on the refrigerator using this magnet is very suitable.

Shown below are ceramic block magnets that can be magnetized lengthwise, widthwise or thicknesswise.


4, Whiteboard

Ceramic magnets can be used to hold notes, sticky notes and photos on a whiteboard. They have good adsorption on the whiteboard, making it easy for users to change and adjust the content at any time.

Round ferrite is recommended for whiteboards: 30mm whiteboard magnet round disk 30x3mm (1 3/16" x 1/8")

5、Organization and collation

Ceramic magnets can be used to hold nails, nail fasteners or other small metal pieces on the wall to organize and tidy up items.

6、Toys and educational appliances

Ceramic magnets can be used to make magnetic toys and educational appliances such as puzzles, magnetic letters and numbers. They can attract children's attention and promote their learning and creativity development.

In addition, there are many scenarios where ceramic magnets are used, such as garbage cans using ceramic magnets to hold garbage bags. Shower curtain door curtains use ceramic magnets to hold/add weight.

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