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What performance does the motor ferrite arc magnet generally use?

Motor ferrite arc magnet are a type of magnetic material commonly used in motors and electrical equipment, mainly for generating magnetic fields. Its performance usually needs to meet specific requirements, including the following aspects of performance.

1、High magnetic permeability

Motor ferrite tiles usually have high permeability, so that they can effectively conduct the magnetic field, providing the required magnetic properties.

2、High remanent magnetization and high coercivity

These tiles usually need to have high remanent magnetism and high coercivity to ensure that they can provide sufficient magnetic force in the motor.

Various specifications of outer radius, inner radius curved permanent magnet ferrite.

Various specifications of outer radius, inner radius curved permanent magnet ferrite

3、Good thermal stability

Motor ferrite tiles need to be able to work stably at high temperatures, so good thermal stability is necessary.

4、Low hysteresis loss

This refers to the energy loss generated in the process of magnetization and demagnetization, motor ferrite tiles usually need to have low hysteresis loss to improve efficiency.

At present, most of the motor for ferrite performance requirements are Y30 and above, such as Y30BH, Y35, etc. are more common.

The above is about the motor ferrite arc magnet generally used what performance introduction, the specific performance requirements may vary from application to application, so you need to choose the right motor ferrite tile performance and specifications according to your specific needs.

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