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What does the magnet on one side of the rotor do?

In a motor, an important role is played by the magnets on the rotor side, these magnets are often referred to as permanent magnets or PM magnets, and their role in a motor is to create a stable magnetic field that interacts with the electromagnetic field in the stationary portion of the motor, often referred to as the stator, to operate the motor.

The following are the roles of permanent magnets in a motor:

1. Creating a constant magnetic field

Permanent magnets produce a constant magnetic field in a motor, and the polarity of this field usually does not change. This magnetic field can be used to interact with the magnetic field generated by the current on the stator to produce a rotating torque.

2、Driving the rotor to rotate

When the current on the stator flows through the motor windings, it creates a magnetic field that interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnets, which causes the rotor to be subjected to a torque and thus begin to rotate. This rotational motion can be used to perform a variety of mechanical tasks such as driving fans, pumps, motorized wheels etc.

The picture below shows a high performance radial neodymium rotor magnet ring.

Neodymium rotor magnet ring

3. Efficient operation

Permanent magnet motors are usually highly efficient because they do not require energy to maintain the magnetic field of the permanent magnets. In contrast, other types of motors may require energy consumption to maintain the electromagnetic field on the stator.

The above is about the role of magnets on the rotor side of the introduction, our company provides many types of rotor magnets, such as rare earth ndfeb arc magnets, multi-pole bonded neodymium-iron-boron magnets, etc., with shaft injection molding rotor magnets, etc., welcome to customers all over the world to consult with us, and can be exported.

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