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How are the rotor magnets arranged in a brushless motor?

Brushless motors are a common type of electric motor that is driven by the rotor through an internal brushless electronic controller. The rotor magnet arrangement inside a brushless motor is one of the key design elements and usually includes one or more permanent magnet steel poles. The way these poles are arranged depends on the design and performance requirements of the motor, and the following are some of the common pole arrangements.

A common magnet arrangement is the use of multi-pole magnets. Multi-pole magnets consist of multiple south poles and multiple north poles arranged alternately in a ring or cylindrical structure. This arrangement increases the flux density on the rotor and allows the motor to produce more torque.

Another common arrangement is the use of a unipolar magnet. A unipolar magnet consists of a south pole and a north pole, which are arranged alternately in different positions on the rotor. This arrangement reduces the rotor inertia of the motor and improves the dynamic response of the motor.

There are also brushless motors that use an oblique pole arrangement, where the magnetic field direction of the permanent magnet poles is at an oblique angle rather than perpendicular to the rotor axis. This design reduces the cogging effect and improves the motor's smoothness of operation.

The accompanying picture shows the inner rotor rare earth curved magnets;

inner rotor rare earth curved magnets

Whether it is a multi-pole magnet or a single-pole magnet, the specific arrangement depends on the design requirements and application scenarios of the motor, and needs to be accurately calculated and simulated to ensure the performance and stability of the motor. Therefore, it may be technically difficult for common users to understand the specific details of the magnet arrangement. If you are interested in the internal structure of brushless motors, it is recommended to consult professional motor designers or experts in related fields.

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