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Why is there no magnet on the rotor of the washing machine motor?

Just in the Baidu statistics to see the website keyword search source, see a netizen put forward the washing machine motor rotor why there is no magnet of this problem, the following magnet supplier Courage xiaofu to briefly introduce you.

Washing machine motors usually use AC motors, not DC motors, the working principle of AC motors is based on the current in the winding to produce a rotating magnetic field, which drives the rotor to rotate. As a result, there are usually no permanent magnets in AC motors as there are in DC motors.Here are some of the basic working principles of AC motors.

Current Generates Magnetic Field: In an AC motor, a rotating magnetic field is generated by the current flowing in the windings. This rotating magnetic field is generated by the AC current supplied by the power supply, and its direction changes as the current changes.

Rotor Response Field: The rotor of a motor is usually a component with a conductor, usually some metal plate or coil. When an electric current creates a rotating magnetic field in the windings, the rotor is affected by this field, which creates a force that causes it to rotate.

Capturing the magnetic field: as the rotor spins, it constantly feels the rotating magnetic field generated by the current and is constantly pushed to keep it spinning.

The accompanying picture shows an injection molded neodymium rare earth magnetic ring

injection molded neodymium rare earth magnetic ring

In conclusion, the working principle of washing machine motors is usually based on the interaction of electromagnetic fields and does not involve the use of permanent magnets directly on the rotor, this design makes washing machine motors easier to control and maintain.

Above is the introduction of why there is no magnet on the rotor of washing machine motor, there are many other parts of washing machine with magnets, such as door locks, water flow sensor, motor position sensors, drain pumps and so on, our company is a magnet manufacturer, we can provide you with the permanent magnets you need.

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