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Can ferrite ceramic magnets rust?

Ferrite magnet is a common type of permanent magnet with black appearance, high temperature resistance and cheap price, will it rust? Today Xiao Fu to introduce to you.

Ferrite magnets are usually made from iron oxides, which are relatively stable compounds that do not rust easily. Rusting is usually a process in which iron on the surface of a metal undergoes an oxidizing reaction when it comes into contact with water and oxygen, forming iron oxides (commonly hematite, also called rust).

Gas meter 4-pole ferrite magnetic ring


Ferrite magnets are usually not susceptible to rusting because they are not made of pure iron, but rather a composite material containing iron oxides. However, if there are cracks, scratches, or other damage to the magnet's surface, these areas may expose the iron portion inside, making these areas more susceptible to oxidation and possibly rust spots. Therefore, to maintain the quality and appearance of your ferrite magnets, it's best to avoid damage to them and maintain their surface integrity.

If you are concerned about the possibility of ferrite magnets rusting, consider coating their surfaces with a preservative layer or storing them in a dry environment to minimize exposure to water and oxygen.

Ceramic ferrite magnet shape type;

Ferrite Magnet Cylinder

Ferrite Square Magnets

Ferrite Magnet Block

Ferrite Segment Curved Magnets

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