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What happens to a brushless motor without magnets?

Brushless motors are a common type of motor that works by precisely regulating the current through an electronic controller to produce rotation. In a traditional brushed motor, magnets are usually used to create a magnetic field that causes the motor to rotate. Brushless motors, however, have a different design and usually use permanent magnets built into the rotor, which is why they are also known as permanent magnet brushless motors.

Brushless motors need magnets to generate a rotating magnetic field, which is the key to make the motor rotate. If the magnet is not installed, the motor loses the power source for rotation, resulting in the motor not working properly.

Brushless DC motor is commonly used rare earth neodymium material, shape such as arc, ring.

Brushless DC motor is commonly used rare earth neodymium material, shape such as arc, ring

Specifically, not installing magnets can bring the following problems:

1. Missing magnetic field. The magnet is the key component to generate the rotating magnetic field, if there is no magnet, there will be no magnetic field and the motor rotor will not rotate.

2. Loss of motor power. Without rotating magnetic field, the rotor will not be rotated by electromagnetic force, and the motor will lose driving power. 3.

3. Motor speed cannot be controlled. The direction and frequency of the rotating magnetic field determines the rotating speed of the motor, without the magnetic field, the rotating speed cannot be controlled.

4. Shortened life. Without a magnetic field, the copper windings of the motor will be subjected to high current shocks, causing the insulation to deteriorate and reducing the life of the motor.

5. Possible burnout of windings. High currents may cause the windings to overheat and burn out.

Therefore, if the brushless motor is not installed with magnets, it will completely lose the basic function of the motor and cannot work. Magnet is an essential component of brushless motor.

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