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How much praseodymium alloy is produced per ton of PrNd oxide?

Some users are curious about how much praseodymium alloy is produced by one ton of praseodymium oxide, today's magnet manufacturer Courage Xiaofu to briefly introduce it to you.

The production of one ton of praseodymium oxide (NdFeO3) results in praseodymium alloys of varying purity, depending on the purity of the praseodymium oxide and the losses during smelting and purification. Typically, about 80-90% of praseodymium oxide can be converted into praseodymium alloys.

Metal praseodymium neodymium picture

Metal praseodymium neodymium picture

Industrial manufacturing 1 ton of praseodymium metal needs to consume raw materials praseodymium oxide, electricity, electrode loss, electrolyte solution, labor and other costs, 1 ton of praseodymium oxide can not produce 1 ton of praseodymium alloy (i.e., praseodymium metal) Oh, about 1.2-1.3 tons.

The above is about 1 ton of praseodymium oxide can produce how much praseodymium alloy questions and answers, our company for the permanent magnet manufacturers, such as you need to buy high-strength rare earth magnets, cheap ceramic ferrite magnets, we can provide you with support for the shape, size processing.

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