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Where should the magnet be placed on the rotor?

Permanent magnet synchronous motor and brushless DC motor rotor need to use the magnet, then the magnet should be placed in what position of the rotor? Today motor magnet manufacturer Karachi small Fu to do a brief description of this issue.

The position of the permanent magnet (magnet) usually depends on the type and design of the motor, generally speaking, the permanent magnet can be placed in one of the following positions.

1. The surface of the rotor

In some motors, the permanent magnet is mounted directly on the surface of the rotor. This makes it easier for the permanent magnets to interact with the electromagnetic field on the stator, thus generating torque. This configuration is typically used in permanent magnet DC motors.

2. Inside the rotor

In other motor types, the permanent magnets may be embedded inside the rotor. This configuration is typically used in permanent magnet synchronous motors and permanent magnet AC motors. This design provides a more cumulative magnetic field to interact more effectively with the stator's electromagnetic field.

The rotor magnet may be curved or toroidal/other.

The rotor magnet may be curved or toroidal/other

3. On the shaft

Sometimes, permanent magnets can also be placed on the shaft of the motor instead of being mounted directly on the rotor or embedded in it. This can be used for a number of special applications, often in conjunction with other motor design features.

In summary, different types of motors and different applications have different permanent magnet placement requirements, and the position of the permanent magnets can affect the performance, efficiency and output torque of the motor. When designing a motor, engineers typically consider the position of the permanent magnets to ensure that the motor is capable of achieving the desired performance and functionality.

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