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How to embed arc magnet on the outer surface of the motor rotor?

There are many types of motors, the shape of the rotor is also a variety of shapes, the distribution of magnets is also different, there is a kind of rotor, the magnet is distributed in the appearance, so how to embed the rotor appearance arc magnet? What embedding methods can be used? The following motor magnet manufacturers courage magnet to share the introduction.

Neodymium arc segmented magnet is a relatively common motor rotor magnets, different rotors, the number of pieces need to be embedded is not the same, so how to improve the efficiency of embedded arc curve magnets?

The following pictures show rare earth neodymium arc segmented magnets.

Neodymium arc segmented magnet

1. The use of manual mode, for large quantities of rotors, you can recruit a large number of manpower to solve the problem of curved bending magnet embedded in a piece of embedded, the efficiency is relatively slow, and encountered a strong magnetic products, but also easy to hurt the hand.

2. Adopting arc magnet assembly machine, according to the rotor samples, design the corresponding moulds and disks, just put the rotor on it and press the start button, according to the cost and the requirements of the rotor, you can complete the assembly work of the tiles at one time or several times.

3. The use of automatic rotor production line, not only the arc magnet can be automatically assembled, the entire rotor assembly can be automatically completed, greatly improving production efficiency.

How to embed arc magnet on the surface of motor rotor? What are the ways of embedding? The above is a common method, which depends on the needs of motor manufacturers, according to different needs to use different assembly methods, in order to save time and labor.

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