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What happens when you magnetisation too many segmented magnets at once?

Magnet tile, a magnet shape mainly used inside the DC motor, also called arc segmented magnet, they are processed after the need to be magnetised, there are users asked what happens if the number of one-time magnetised tiles is too much? Then look down.

If you magnetise too many arc segmented magnets at once, there will be the following adverse effects.

1. Unsaturated magnetisation

Too much magnetisation at one time may make the magnetic tile unsaturated, that is, weak magnetism, affecting the magnetic properties.

2. Uneven magnetisation

When magnetising too many tiles at one time, it is important to ensure that each tile achieves a similar level of magnetisation, if the magnetisation is not uniform, it may affect the performance of the final product.

Rare earth neodymium arc-segmented magnets, Also known as half-ring magnets

Rare earth neodymium arc-segmented magnets

3. Increased energy consumption

Magnetising too many curved magnets may require greater magnetic field strength or longer magnetising times, which will result in increased energy consumption. Excessive energy consumption may affect the economic efficiency of magnetisation and may result in a waste of resources.

4. Equipment overload

Magnetic field will be generated when the magnetiser is working, if too many tiles are magnetised at one time, the equipment may be overloaded, resulting in overheating or damage to the equipment, thus affecting the life and reliability of the equipment.

These are a one-time magnetisation arc magnet excessive number of problems that may be caused by the magnetisation must control the magnetic field strength and magnetic flux, to avoid exceeding the magnet design parameters, to prevent adverse effects on the magnetic properties and service life.

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