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What magnets are used for thermistor sensors?

Thermistor sensor is a commonly used in temperature measurement and control of resistive devices, with a variety of types and a wide range of applications, today this article on the concern of the thermistor sensor with what magnet to do an introduction.

Thermistor sensors usually do not need to use magnets. Thermistor is a temperature-sensitive resistance element, its resistance value will change with the change of ambient temperature, its working principle is not directly related to the magnet, but through the measurement of changes in resistance value to sense the change of temperature.

Magnets are commonly used in conjunction with magnetic sensors, such as Hall sensors, to detect changes in magnetic fields. These sensors are very sensitive to changes in the magnetic field, so the magnet can be used to generate or change the surrounding magnetic field, which triggers a response from the sensor. Magnetic sensors have a completely different set of application scenarios and work on a completely different principle compared to thermistor sensors.

The accompanying picture shows a neodymium square magnets,Magnetic sensor magnets are available in a variety of materials, including shapes.

Magnetic sensor magnets are available in a variety of materials, including shapes.

So, if you are considering using a thermistor sensor, you usually don't need to use a magnet. You simply mount the thermistor in the environment where you want to measure the temperature and indirectly detect the change in temperature by measuring the change in its resistance. If you need to use a magnetic sensor, consider a magnet to generate an appropriate magnetic field.

If you need to use a magnet in a thermistor sensor application, it may be to aid in fixing or positioning the sensor, or it may be used in conjunction with another type of sensor. Note, however, that magnets may adversely affect the performance of the thermistor because the magnetic field may interfere with the sensor's measurements. When using magnets, careful consideration needs to be given to the design and location of the sensor to ensure that the magnetic field does not negatively affect the accuracy and reliability of the sensor.

The above is the introduction of what magnets for thermistor sensors, edited by permanent magnet manufacturer Courage Xiao Fu, such as your company has a need for sensor magnets, multi-pole magnetised ring magnets can be sent to the specifications than the price.

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