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Magnetic Proximity Switch Sensor Magnet Material and Installation Location

Magnetic proximity switch is a device commonly used to detect the position of the object, it consists of a magnetic sensor and magnet, when the magnet is close to the magnetic sensor, the sensor will sense the change of the magnetic field, thus triggering the switch action, the following is the subject of the article.

Magnetic proximity switch sensor magnet material:

1. Neodymium-iron-boron (Nd): this is the strongest commercially available permanent magnet material with high magnetic properties, and can be used in applications that require a large sensing distance.

2. Samarium Cobalt (SmCo): Samarium Cobalt Magnet is also a high performance permanent magnet with excellent high temperature resistance.

3. Ferrite: Ferrite magnets is a commonly used inexpensive magnet material for general applications.


Installation position:

It should be installed in the center of the switch action area, opposite to the sensitive surface of the proximity switch, to ensure that the magnetic field lines form a large dense magnetic flux in the sensitive surface.

When installing, should make the magnet's magnetic inductance and proximity switch sensitive surface of the normal direction of the same, so that the sensitive surface by the maximum impact of the magnetic field, improve the sensitivity of the switch.

When installing a magnetic proximity switch, the following points should be noted:

1. The magnet should be close to the sensing area of the magnetic sensor to ensure that the switch is triggered within a suitable distance.

2. the relative position between the magnet and the sensor should be stable to avoid false triggering or non-triggering due to external factors (e.g. vibration or shock).

3. If there is an obstacle between the magnet and the sensor, you need to make sure that the obstacle will not interfere with the magnetic field.

Other Precautions;

The gap distance between the proximity switch and magnet should be moderate, too close will not release, too far will affect the sensitivity.

The magnet surface should be free of dust to avoid affecting the magnetism.

The magnet should be fixed reliably to avoid the position shift caused by vibration.

Above is the introduction about the material and installation position of magnetic proximity switch magnet, if you need to consult the magnet price you can send inquiry to our company!

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