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Role and material of radial magnetic rings in water pump motors

We all know, fish tank pumps, circulation pumps, magnetic pumps and other pumps are required to use to the magnet, then the pump motor in the radial hollow cylindrical magnets (magnetic ring) role is mainly what? Usually for which types of magnets mostly? Today Courage Magnets xiaofu to tell you about the pump motor magnets related.

What is the role of the ring rotor magnet in the water pump motor?

Water pump magnets are installed in water pump motors and are mainly used to regulate the speed of the pump, as well as the role of the motor drive.

Motor Drive: The radial rotor ring is the magnetic field generating component in the pump motor, when energized, it generates a rotating magnetic field. This rotating magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field in the stator windings, generating a torque that causes the rotor to start rotating. Through this rotary motion, the motor converts mechanical energy into kinetic energy of the liquid, thus realizing the work of the pump.

Radial multi-pole magnetic rings for water pumps

Radial multi-pole magnetic rings for water pumps

Adjustment of speed: The size and magnetic properties of the radial magnetic ring will affect the output torque and speed of the motor. By adjusting the material and size of the magnetic ring, different working requirements of the pump motor can be realized, such as adjusting the speed and output power.

Which type of material magnet is mainly used in the pump motor?

More commonly used in pump motors are sintered ferrite radial multipole magnetized ring magnets and bonded neodymium magnets. The number of magnetic poles is generally 2 poles, 4 poles, with high reliability, easy installation, smooth operation, long service life, good mechanical properties and other advantages.

We have a lot of ferrite rotor rings for water pumps with OD 9mm-30mm, if you need samples, price, please contact us by email, we will reply as soon as we receive it.

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