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N52 vs N55 Magnets [Strength Price Data]

n52 and n55 are both high performance grades of neodymium magnets, which have high gauss and strong magnetic fields. What are the differences between these two? Today, the permanent magnet manufacturer courage xiaofu comes to give you a special introduction.

The following chart shows the magnetic property data table for Ndfeb N52 and N55 grade.

magnetic property data table for N52 and N55 grade

The main differences between neodymium magnets N52 and N55 are maximum magnetic energy product, magnetization strength, price, temperature resistance, etc. Here is a more detailed introduction.

1. N52 vs N55 maximum magnetic energy product

The BHmax of N52 is about 52MGOe, and the BHmax of N55 is about 55MGOe, which is 5-10% higher than N52, which means that the N55 magnet has stronger magnetic properties.

2. Differences in magnetization strength

The magnetization or magnetic flux density of N55 is higher than that of N52, which can produce a stronger magnetic field at the same volume.

3. N52 and N55 grade neodymium magnet price differences

The price of the N55 is higher than that of the N52 because of its better performance. If you do not need strong magnetic properties, N52 is more cost-effective.

4. Difference in temperature tolerance between n52 and n55

The maximum operating temperature of the N55 is slightly lower than the N52(60°C vs 80°C).

The above is about the rare earth neodymium magnets N52 and N55 grade strength, price, temperature resistance and other aspects of the difference between the introduction, if you need to process high strength magnets welcome to email contact.

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