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N54 Magnets [Meaning Data Application Curve]

N54 grade magnet is a kind of high performance sintered NdFeB permanent magnet, its magnetic strength is higher than that of N52, at present, there are many NdFeB manufacturers can mass produce, at present, because there is no international standard, some customers also use the name N55, the following is the meaning of the N54 magnet, parameter data, application, demagnetization curve introduction.

The image below shows the magnetic performance data for N54 grade magnets;

magnetic performance data for N54 grade magnets

Explanation of the magnetic properties of N54 neodymium magnets;

High BHmax: N54 magnets have a maximum BHmax of 54 MGOe, which is much higher than traditional magnetic materials, meaning that they can generate a stronger magnetic field in the same volume, which is especially suitable for applications requiring compact design and high power density.

High Coercivity (Hc): N54 magnets have extremely high coercivity, which makes them highly resistant to external magnetic disturbances and not easily demagnetized, ensuring stability of magnetic properties under complex operating conditions.

High remanent magnetization (Br): Even in the absence of an applied magnetic field, N54 magnets maintain a high level of magnetic induction, which is critical to maintaining the continuous performance of the equipment.

N54 magnet applications;

Motors and generators: electric vehicles, servo motors, wind turbines, etc.

Medical equipment: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) equipment, medical magnetic therapy devices, etc.

Aerospace: Attitude control and propulsion systems for satellites, drones, and other vehicles.

Industrial applications: magnetic separation equipment, magnetic drive systems, magnetic levitation technology, etc.

Comparison between N54 and N52;

N54 magnets have a residual flux density of 14.5kGs to 15.0kGs, which means it is 2-3% stronger than N52 magnets, as well as a number of other magnetic performance indicators that are slightly higher, and in terms of price, N55 is a bit more expensive than N52.

NdFeB N54 demagnetization curve report;

NdFeB N54 demagnetization curve report

N54 magnets are more recognized in the market. Despite the existence of grades with similar performance to N52, N54, as one of the high-performance NdFeB magnets that can be mass-produced, is often chosen for high-end applications with stringent requirements for magnetic properties.

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