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NdFeB bonded neodymium magnet ring hot sale specification

NdFeB bonded magnet ring is a use of bonding process made of ring magnets, mainly by the NdFeB magnetic powder and adhesive mixing curing molding, this magnet magnetic performance, high dimensional accuracy, mainly used in a variety of permanent magnet DC motors, synchronous motors, servo motors, automation equipment and robots, medical equipment and so on, today, I sorted out a number of commonly shipped size specifications, to see if there is no need to suit you.

1、Outside diameter 2.8mm, hole 1.45mm, height 1.6mm, radial 2 pole magnetization, belongs to small size bonded magnet.

2、Outside diameter 4.2mm, hole 0.8mm, thickness 6.5mm, radial 2 pole magnetization, belongs to small hole bonded magnet ring.

3、Outer diameter size 6.5mm, inner hole diameter 3mm, thickness 3.7mm, radial diameter magnetized 8 poles, belongs to radial multi-pole diameter magnetized ring magnet with black epoxy coating.

4、Outside diameter size 8.3mm, the hole in the middle 4.5mm, height 9mm, GPM-10 grade, through the outer diameter magnetization, 4 poles, table magnetic strength in about 2400 gauss.

5、Magnetic ring outer diameter 12mm, hole 8mm, height 8mm, radial outer charge 12 poles, 6 N poles, 6 S poles.

6、Outside diameter 16mm, the size of the hole is 10mm, height 13mm, through the outer diameter of the magnetization of 8 poles, table magnetic strength of about 2200 gauss.

Black-look bonded NdFeB hollow cylinders magnetized by OD multipoles

bonded NdFeB hollow cylinders magnetized by OD multipoles

7、16mm outer diameter, hole size is 10mm, height 34mm, 6 poles magnetization through the diameter direction, the surface magnetic field strength in about 2650 gauss.

8、17.85mm outer diameter, 10.5mm bore, 5mm height, radial multi-polar 24-polar magnetization, surface magnetic data not detected.

9、Outside diameter 20.8mm, hole 16.8mm, height 12mm, radial 6 pole magnetization, belongs to multi-pole neodymium magnet.

10、Outside diameter 26mm, hole 18mm, height 25mm, magnetization is radial OD magnetization 8 poles.

11、Outside diameter D27.2mm, hole 24.2mm, height 30.5mm, magnetized by inner diameter 4 poles.

12、Outside diameter 28mm, inner hole 24mm, height 10mm, 12 magnetization distribution in the inner circle of the magnetic ring.

12、Outside diameter size 32.6mm, hole 28.6mm, thickness 5mm, radial inner diameter magnetization 14 poles, table magnetic strength of about 2000 gauss.

13, OD size 38mm, hole 29mm, height 20mm, 10 poles magnetization.

14, OD size 44.6mm, hole 39.8mm, height 6.8mm, 16 poles inside the magnet ring, 8N8S. also called 8 pairs of poles, belongs to the internal charging.

15, 56mm outer diameter, 53mm inner diameter, 14mm height, 10 poles on the inner circular surface of the magnet ring. Also called 10 pole ring magnet.


The above is only a small part of our bonded neodymium magnetic rings, if you need to find the ready-made size, you can send us your specifications, we also support performance, size, coating and other personalized customization.

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