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Bonded NdFeB Physical Characteristics and Properties DataSheet

About bonded NdFeB(neodymium) magnets, more and more applications in recent years, its performance, dimensional accuracy, one-time molding, thin wall thickness, multi-pole orientation and other superiority is many magnet materials can not be compared with it, today this article is mainly to introduce its physical properties and magnetic data sheet.

Basic physical properties of bonded NdFeB magnets;

bonded NdFeB magnets

Density of bonded NdFeB: 5.8-6.2g/cm3

Curie temperature of bonded NdFeB magnets: 310-340℃.

Hardness of bonded NdFeB: 80-120Hv

Bonded NdFeB resistivity: 0.026Ω-cm

Bonded NdFeB compressive strength:3kgf/mn2

Bonded NdFeB compressive curvature:25kg/mn

Data sheet on magnetic properties of bonded neodymium magnets;


The above is about bonded NdFeB physical properties and magnetic properties data related to the introduction, bonded neodymium magnets are mainly ring-shaped multi-pole magnetization, such as your company needs to buy bonded magnetic ring can provide specifications. Magnetic pole number to us.

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